Double Knitting Adventures

I embarked on a new adventure last week, and that was double knitting. Some may say, ‘well, that’s been around for a long time!’ and that is true, but my introduction to this technique started like this:

My friend and I were in the yarn store, and she was telling me about this technique “double-knitting’; of course, I had heard about it, and even thought I would like to try it someday. She went on to show me an example and tried to explain how to do it. Hmmm….It sounded intriguing!-two different colors being worked at the same time that resulted in a reversible, contrasting picture on both sides on the fabric!

I put the idea in my memory bank and a few days later, I searched in my craft room for a pattern I remembered I had that I thought was in double-knitting. Sure enough, I found a very simple scarf with a heart!

So I practiced…..

IMG_0758 DK Heart

I was so inspired by this technique that I decided to sign up for an online class.

Here are some samples:

DK class Diamond

This project was a bit more challenging because of the many color changes, but with a bit of concentration and humor, both diamonds were done in a day.

These projects were done as samples, so I didn’t take much time to pick the perfect yarn, I just knit with whatever I had, and I also didn’t worry about mistakes because I was learning.

The fabric is two sided and it’s ‘hollow’ which gives a very soft, warm feel; when color changes take place, the fabric is locked in and it feels quilted.


This is the current project from the class “Adventure in Double-Knitting” on Craftsy. It is a very complex leaf and vine pattern and it requires much concentration and humor! As I can now see the leaves forming, I am more motivated to continue the work. The yarn is a cotton blend and it is not too heavy or bulky and it is still stretchy. Originally, I cast on for a headband, but with a thicker yarn (worsted) and size 6 needle, it is definately big enough to be a cowl. I am not quite half way through at the time of the picture, but I hope to be done in a few days.

Which contrast do you like better….the purple background or the yellow? I like the purple better. Be inspired!


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