X100 Mountain Bike Race

The X-100 is held in Traverse City on the Muncie Lake Trails and the VASA trail system. It is beautiful, hilly, and sandy. There are 4 different mileages one can choose; I chose the 10 mile this year. I had not trained a lot on the bike this season, so I didn’t feel ready to do the 20 mile like I did last year.waving

The first obstacle was climbing a 400 ft hill which was muddy and slippery from all the rain we received earlier that night, and that separated the pros from the commoners. I, of course, was in the 2nd group, trying to control my breath and keep pedaling. There was a man who reached the top at the same time I did, so I let him go first, and we coasted down the hills.

I was close to the pack of 5-6 people and I stayed close, pretending I was riding with friends. Early in the race, 2 guys stopped to the side, and I did not see them again. One tall youth passed me, but he’s the only one who passed me.

The guy who I let go ahead at the top of the hill had a yellow shirt, and he passed the guy in the green jersey. For a bit, I followed the green guy, but he stopped for water, and I continued. Right away, I saw the yellow guy, and I followed him for a while watching the trail as he rode it. About half way through, I got my 2nd wind and I continued to climb those nasty hills. He chose to walk them. I passed. I saw the black & white jersey; I passed him (he said I sped past him like a speeding bullet). I caught up to the peach shirt guy, climbed a hill behind him so I could catch my breath, then passed him on the next climb.

I knew I was almost done by the odometer, so when I approached the 400 ft hill (coasting down this time), I was so happy–I was done! And I finished so strong!

officialfinishtime closeupwkids

I was not thinking grandeur thoughts of my time nor of place, but my family was excitedly dancing circles around me all talking at once. They said that I was the first adult across the finish line and I had made it back in under an hour!

justafterraceWhat???? Really?

I was in shock and it took several moments (days really) to process I actually won. I was very pleased with my official time of 59.17, which was  the best time I’ve ever done.

The podium pictures:


I like to say that it was really tough but the reward is worth it. I’m glad I did it because now I know I CAN.  To God be the glory, great things He had done!

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One Response to X100 Mountain Bike Race

  1. Anonymous says:

    What a beast! Congrats, Molly! Proud of you for kicking some derriere!

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