City Riding

I’ve never thought of myself as a commuter, but since I had to go across town for a meeting, I realized I could easily get my ride in for the day. I did not know how long it would take so I gave myself plenty of time to get there.

The day started off cool and cloudy, in the low 40s, so I dressed in leggings and layers with my coat. As I rode, my fingers and toes were becoming icy, so I looked forward to those first uphills to get my circulation flowing and my heart pumping. Since it was fairly early, the morning traffic had not yet awakened, so the ride was fast and furious clipping at 19mph. The commute only lasted a mere 20 minutes and I had 40 minutes to spare, so I started to explore some of the “lesser known” country roads.

I rode and took some turns and rode down some hills, glancing at the passing street signs. I found the famous vineyards and Amtrack rails, and trying to follow the tracks, I turned toward them, but I did not recognize the roads I was following. Time was ticking and I had to get back for the meeting. My brain was screaming at me to turn around so I wouldn’t get lost and be late. So, I did. I wasn’t sure if I had enough time to get back because the loops and turns seemed to be miles away. I reassured my brain that I would be there on time because I really hadn’t wandered that far away. I pedaled and pedaled up the hills, my legs aching with every stroke. Finding the tracks, I knew I was so close. Then I saw it! The road passed behind the building, then around to the front. It ended up being only a few paces and I rolled in the parking lot right on time.

The meeting being done, after talking mountain bikes with a young man, I headed toward the local coffee shop. I ordered a latte because my water was almost gone, and stopped to chat a bit about the potential of this town being bicycle (and walker) friendly. I like to support the local businesses so I also stopped at the local garden shop and drooled at all the beautiful colorful flowers and budding trees. How inspiring! The sun had come out at last and was beginning to warm the earth, so the colors were magnified and bright. I chatted with the owner and vowed to come back and buy some plants and veggies.

The ride home was fabulous with the sunshine guiding my path and the warmth on my face made me smile and praise God for the beautiful season of spring, full of color and renewal! I can’t wait for summer!

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