Fort Custer Family Ride


It was a beautiful sunny 45 degree day in Michigan as we loaded all 4 bikes into the truck and headed out. It was wonderful because it seemed like we had all day to enjoy ourselves with no time constraints. I brought the camera and video and we stopped as we needed to (which was a lot).

As we started, the kids were not in the best of moods and continued to ask “how much longer?” but being the optimist that I am, I just smiled and pretended to chase my son, who thought we were on “hot-patrol”, and my husband and daughter were left to their own adventure.

family ride FCIMG_6035

Trying to convince my husband we should stay at the campground this summer, we took a short tour around and found there was no one, not even winter campers.

We continued up a big hill which I promptly caught my son because he hopped off his bike and proceeded to walk the hill. My daughter had enough already and this was only the first hill. Nevertheless, her attention was diverted to the exciting chase between Mom and son.


I was so excited to be outside in this beautiful park with my camera! I enjoyed having the freedom to snap photos during our many stops waiting for the other half of the family. My husband was even doing some work while we were out here!

There were more hills and stops as I focused on recording our progress. My son wanted to see the footage, and my daughter was tight-lipped as I tried to encourage their feeble efforts. How much longer? they asked, tired and ready for a nap.

The route is perfect for kids because it is not too hard, although it does have hills, and it’s short (4 miles) –just enough for them to expend their extra energy. In the warmer months, however,  it’s a bit more challenging because it does have some sand at the bottom of the hills. I would recommend this new route to families who want to introduce the kids to the fun sport of mountain biking.


This is a pond that I rode around for the Stampede MTB race and last year I saw a swan’s nest here. I am always saying that this pond is so beautiful, so I wanted to take the opportunity and take pictures. This was the end of the ride and the kids were so tired, I could only snap a few shots.

Here are their “end of ride” faces:


After all the activities opening presents, and eating food they have never had, they were challenged and humbled. This is the one event they remembered the most out of all the activities at Christmas time!

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