Kal-Haven Ride

My friend and I wanted to ride out to the lake Melody & Alphaso we hopped on our bikes and started riding through dampness and cool breezes and 60 degree air. The trail we followed is a well-maintained limestone gravel railroad route that goes from Kalamazoo to South Haven. Mostly shaded and incredibly beautiful and scenic, I was in my happy place, and it seemed as if we flew there. It was peaceful and smooth and fast, and although we did not “speed”, we clipped along at a decent “chatting” speed–after all, it was a casual ride.

trainyard Grand JunctionAt Grand Junction, we took the liberty to roam off the path and explore the teeny town a bit. I love this town because it has so much character. It is way out in the country but surrounded by interesting sights, such as the railroad station.

Grand Junction sign

This sign is declaring a bit of interesting history of this property. It says “Gospel Trumpet Publishing 1886-1898” was on this site, which is now the Kal-Haven trailhead.

As we continued, we stopped at a farm market stand and ate fresh apples and Pay Day (for the sugar content). That was fun. They had u-pick blueberries and their fall veggies were well on their way.

W hen we arrived in South Haven, there were a lot of people because the sun had come out and it was perfect weather.

Black River  South Haven stairs Melody&me Sondra with bikes South Haven downtown

We ate ice cream and a wrap, explored a bit, enjoyed some shade, then headed back. It was sad to leave SH, but we told stories to each other and had a fun time conversing and clearing our minds. Normally, the return trip is difficult, but with good company and interesting conversation, we finished strong and with smiles on our faces!

Thanks for great memories Sondra!

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