Summer Pedaling

Hot Pink Melody


As the kids were fishing and catching fish, I was riding. Since it’s been a busy summer, I’ve been riding longer and longer distances whenever I get a chance to “clear my mind”. It is relaxing and I can enjoy the beautiful creation God has made, especially when the sun is high in the sky, and the birds are singing and there is no car noise–just the hum of my tires. It’s exhilirating. Eventually, my mind clears and my muscles start chirping quietly, letting me know it’s time for more fuel (carbs, sugar). This will actually make or break a ride if nutrition is not exhumed wisely.

I had a choice about 20 miles into the ride to continue west where there are beautiful fields, smooth and quiet roads, and no cars, or to start heading back south toward home. I felt great but I knew the ride back wouldn’t be so energetic! I chose to head home and in another 5 miles, I was glad I did–I needed fuel! The road I was on was flat but a fair amount of traffic traversed it, so I planned my snack…..I was going to pull over, but there was a huge truck and people looking to unload bicycles… I passed them by. At the end of the flat road is a significent uphill that I trudged through while I thought about the Stampede race. At the top of the hill, I coasted down the roller coaster downhills, but my body was in need of that apple. I finally pulled over into a farmer driveway and let the juices from the apple drip happily off my chin. I also enjoyed the soft crumble of the oatmeal raisin cookie I stashed away. Although the most of the power was lost, I was able to speed the rest of the way home, and make up a lot of time.

As I rolled in to the driveway with no fanfare or energy, I am happy to report the final mileage as being 30 miles. I am also very excited to share that Melody and I have travelled 400 miles together since I got her 6 weeks ago!

400 miles

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