Stampede Race 2014

It was my debut race and I had a good sprint off the start.

off the start line

In the 1st loop I got behind a bottleneck climb and after people took their places, I crashed and the man’s bike behind me fell  on my helmet. As I started to pick up pace again, I dropped my number, so I stopped to pick it up as more people passed me.

lost the tag

The tag is in my hand before I stuffed it into my shirt, not knowing what else to do with it.

The next loop was smooth and I made up time on that one-I have done it many times and knew the lines. I caught up to some people, and found myself encouraging the person in front of me! The third loop was technical climbs and not many descents. One specific area, I and 2 others had taken the wrong path and got stuck again! I made it through that loop with several people letting me pass them. The next loop I was very familiar with so I was able to coast and haul mail on that one, even though I never did catch up to the group of six ladies. There were kids on the route and I was encouraging them too. At this point, I was at a happy place and enjoying the beautiful day.


After passing a few people, I climbed this hill with this man encouraging me. Almost there!


Finally, after an hour and eight minutes, I crossed the finish line putting me in 8th place. I made it! Victory!!

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