Along the Hills

I wait…literally….for the weather to be decent (and above freezing) to take my bike out. Unfortunately, over the past several weeks, I’ve only been able to ride once per week. It definitely makes me appreciate the ride more, and I am more apt to enjoy the scenery more than the mileage or speed.

When the temperature rose to a “balmy” fifty degrees, I was determined to get out. Of course, it was the first day of hunting season, so I couldn’t go mountain biking, but I was desperate to ride, so I settled on a short, casual, fun, exploring trip. I had my gear, my bright orange jersey, my new mountain bike, and I was elated! I finally sprinted onto the road, and a bit of heaven touched me and I felt God’s presence with me.

As I climbed the hills and coasted the down-hills, I was refreshed and adventure beckoned me. Two “trails” were calling me to explore. The one to the left was an old two-track around the perimeter of a couple cornfields. The ground was very soft and was growing thorns. It was a bit of an effort to climb the little hill, but when I reached the top and realized there was more cornfield, I decided to turn around, just in case hunters were prowling.

The “trail” to the right was new debris from newly cut brush to clear the power lines. There was a steep downhill that I was itching to try. Like the cornfield, the ground was very soft, so it was a difficult ascent. Once I got to my starting point, I let the bike take over, and she rolled nicely over the debris and hopped over some logs and tread lightly on the leaves. She was so smooth that I made it up the other side with little effort.

Continuing on the road, I climbed hills easily, and I coasted down the hills, and although I was riding on very hilly terrain, my bike rode with such ease, my muscles seemed as though they were not exerting much effort– It was as though I was riding in a car with the windows down! I decided to climb up a hill that seemed to be steep, but I didn’t even need to shift into the highest gear! Along that hill, I saw some wooded land for sale that seemed to have a trail leading into the woods, and I thought about exploring there, but at that moment, I decided against it. I instead tried to see how far the woods stretched back–I’ll need to go back and explore it soon…

As I coasted down a tight curve in the road, a head-wind startled me, and cars zoomed past me. Voila! I was closing my circle and heading back. As I rode back, I enjoyed the shoulder and the smooth pavement, and thoughts of a previous ride stuck with me–a ride of challenge and triumphant victory on a beautiful cloudless day.

Every ride is an experience and an adventure. On this day, it was one of peace, excitement, joy, and elation as I enjoyed God’s creation and His presence with me. Cheers!

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