Review: Fort Custer Green Loop

I wanted to get a ride in before the  weather turned cold and snowy, and decided to try the “Green Loop” because it is rated as being “less-technical” than the “Red Loop”. With that being said, there are several challenging climbs that I would consider “technical.”

The “Green Loop” is absolutely fun and unique; it kept me guessing through the whole route. It is fast-paced and packed with surprises. There are tight turns, log climbing, jumps, drop-offs, very narrow squeezes, rocks, roots, fast slopes, creek crossings, and steep climbs with logs and roots to name a few. The route is well marked, except after I past #4, there were signs that pointed to the “easy” and “expert” paths-I wondered if I was on the “Red Loop” because it was like an amusement park! Fun, but crazy! It winded through cliffs and backtracked upon itself and I felt like I was  in a maze! There were lots of sharp turns and steep climbs over logs and roots here. The finale at this section was a steep downgrade that splashed into a creek–the curators of the park even rolled out a long studded mat to the creek! Too cool (I still slid down it)!

Into the woods and onto the meadow, passing over a bridge, then more steep climbs, and changing gears. I decided that the lowest gear made my bike slip too much on the dirt, so I ousted that idea out, and the wet logs still caught me halfway up the climbs. (point for them!) At one point, my pedal gouged out a log, but my bike just kept on going, gaining speed, and took control. I just steered and braced for what was coming.

At the end of the route, I knew there was some tight spots along the “Reroute” section, but I just let my bike go and went for the ride–my brakes were wet anyway! Overall, it was a fantastic ride and experience and I would highly recommend it to have some fun! It is not so challenging that it gets frustrating, although it does keep you guessing! I will definately be riding it again and taking my husband with me!

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