Sunday Morning Bike Ride

This morning upon awaking, there was a haze above the horizon and the clouds controlled the sky. I had heard from the newscaster that it would be a beautiful warm day. As my brain began processing the days events, there was one item on the list, “You must go biking!” Immediately following, came the questions; the reply was the same, “Just go!” I prayed for a good ride and headed to the pole barn to retrieve my dirty mountain bike. The dirt that clung to the shocks and the tires reminded me of the very short stint of mountain biking at Fort Custer in the rain, and that I must hose it off. After fiddling with tools to remove some unnecessary items, I was on the road. Pedaling felt good on my legs, as if my legs had missed their old friend. They quickly became comfortable and my mind was determined to follow this single track trail through the woods. I had been on this trail before, hiking, so I knew where my legs were taking me.

Today is Sunday, and I have always wanted to ride into town and to church. I wanted to know how far and how busy it would be for a bike. Of course, once my tires hit the road, the very familiar road became a much different experience. Being fairly early, I was not bombarded with vehicles whizzing past me, and that is a good thing because there is no shoulder.

The sun was shining through the trees and the hills were less than impressive, and I was reminded of God’s handiwork and His intense love for His creation that He made all of this beauty so we could take pleasure in it. I recited the first 4 days of creation to myself to praise Him and give Him glory and thank Him.

At the “T”, I wasn’t quite ready to complete my adventure, so I turned into a local, hidden greenhouse. As I bathed in the sunlight and rode past quaint houses, I delighted in the pheasant xing sign, the carefully mowed “trails”, and the open fields. As I neared the business, I saw blankets of color in the form of chrysanthemums waiting, hoping, to find a new home. They were stately but serene as they watched the lone rider pass. I saw a few trailers and working pickup trucks and trays and hundreds of chrysanthemums. It was a much larger operation than I thought it was. I wonder if they are a distributor.

It was time. I had decided I wanted to find out how busy the longer route would be and if there was a shoulder. Instead of backtracking to the trail, I would pedal quickly  and enjoy the smooth pavement. I turned right and headed toward the farm, feeling the breeze upon my face as if I were racing. I felt as light as a cloud floating in the clear sky. The bike and I were one as my legs continued to tread upon the pedals. I made another right unto a tremendously busy and dangerous road as I bade good morning to the livestock. Although it was a small stretch of road and it was quiet, 3 cars still passed me going the speed limit. Finally, turning onto our road, I felt the need to walk, stretch, and finish my water. I looked down and the odometer read 9.2miles in 49 minutes 11.4 average speed. Not bad for a casual ride on the road with knobby tires!

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