#LessonsFromGideon Week 3 Day 4 & 5


Our women’s group at church is doing “Gideon: Your weakness, God’s strength” from Priscilla Shirer. We are on week 3 of the video. On Day 4, the heading is in big RED letters: LETTING GO. We are challenged to think about what we need to let go of–Shirer coins it as “our 300”. My “300” is fear. I need to let go of fear.

The Unseen Supply (day 5): Jesus has given us ALL the resources we need (we don’t need our own resources) to do what He calls us to do. See Luke 9:1-2. It’s through His power and authority that we can do what He has called us to do (not our own).

Through these lessons, God spoke to me very strongly  and unmistakably that even though I was scared, I obeyed.

Guess what guys? Shirer was absolutely right!!!! When I let go of the fear and trusted Him with His unseen supply, He delivered, and brought victory! Praise the LORD!!

If you are wondering what God has been calling me to do, I will tell you. Play piano for church. God did it through me tonight in front of 45 women. Praise God! Thank You Lord for Your faithfulness! And thank you Priscilla!



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