Grand Traverse Lighthouse

As we travelled through the Leelanau peninsula, we stopped to visit Grand Traverse lighthouse. I had been there once before, and I remembered that it was in a state park, so I wondered if there camping allowed. It would be a beautiful site on which to camp. The beach is so lovely! When we arrived, I was surprised to see so many people there and a gift shop prominently displayed (when I visited previously, it was more serene). Nonetheless, we headed inside the lighthouse, paid the fee to continue its restoration, and took the self-guided tour (and scavenger hunt for the kids). It was impressive how they had decorated the inside with 1930s décor (instead of 1850s) and had tidbits of interesting information displayed.

The upstairs bedrooms were refurnished with pictures and items of the inside workings of the mechanical mechanisms of the lighthouse. Finally, to access the tower, there was the spiral staircase, then a large room (with information about shipwrecks), and a small ladder leading to the top. I had never seen that before, so that was thrilling! I felt like I was a detective climbing to a small, mysterious attic where adventure awaited!

Cat's Head LighthousefoghouseLake Michigan1view from lighthouseview from lighthouse1

These are views from the top of the lighthouse (except for the first one). Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get pictures from the ground, but these views are beautiful as well.

On the way back to Traverse City, we stopped at Leeland, which is a small fishing town; however, while we were there, there were swarms of people everywhere, so we didn’t stay long. We actually were on the search for a nice beach where we could  swim. In Leeland, there is a dock that will ferry people over to the Manitou islands; we did not choose that adventure this time, but we did get information abut it for future travels. (I was hoping we could ferry our bikes over to the island and explore that way, but that option is not available at this time).

Finally, about dinnertime, we found a quiet beach on Good Harbor Bay that we could enjoy. The water was refreshing and the kids searched for Petosky stones. That day was 100 degrees, so when we arrived at the campsite, we swam in the pool too.

It was a vacation full of adventure and mystery, exploring and fun. It was also so beautiful, I would recommend this area to anyone! Cheers!


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