As always, we headed north, only this time it was to a different destination. This year,we decided to camp in Traverse City. The cherries were in season and the sun was shining and it was hot! Thankfully, we were close to a pool and only 15 miles from a sandy beach! Needles to say, we swam a lot and ate ice cream. We also did some cycling. We found a nice short, flat trail from Glen Haven to Glen Arbor which was only 2 miles, and we were able to eat ice cream to cool off. Perfect!

We drove around the Leeland peninsula and soaked up much of the beauty there  while at the same time trying to entertain the kids and stay cool. We did visit Sleeping Bear Dunes and heard the telling of the legend from my eldest. Climbing up was not a problem in the hot dry afternoon, but as we were running down, Michan crashed and tumbled and ingested more sand than necessary. We also drove through Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive and saw many splendid landscapes

Alligator Hill

This is “alligator hill” because the trees in the background look like a snout of an alligator! The lake in the middle ground is “little Glen lake”, while the lake on the other side of the snout is “big Glen lake”. It was a perfect day to take this scenic route due to the nice breeze coming off the lakes!

Sleeping Bear Dunes Complex

This is the Sleeping Bear Dunes complex and is a dune overlook. There is land in the distance but we could not identify the different landmarks. We know we were close to the Manitou islands and Lake Michigan though.

Lake Michigan

The brochure said this area was one the most picturesque views in Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, and it was indeed, magnificent. This bluff is 450 feet above Lake Michigan and the platform they built is proof that the beach is a long way down! The water was so blue and clear, it was refreshing just to look at it!

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