Current Projects

suede slipper pink baby blanketThis slipper sock was designed by Kim Guzman and is meant to be sewn onto a suede slipper sole. This construction is very unique considering it is knitted flat and in one piece. It was a quick and interesting project that was similiar to a mystery unfolding. I used a organic cotton yarn from Tahki Stacy Charles ( called Palma. It worked up like a worsted weight yarn on size 7 knitting needles, and it’s very soft and smooth to the touch. I enjoy working with it. The second slipper is on its way to being done, so when I am completely finished, I will post a picture.

This strip of cloth is crocheted of motifs from Crochet Today magazine (Crochet Today March/April 2013). I am using a mercerized cotton that is probably considered worsted weight. It is a beautiful variegated that allows the lace to shine through. This is for a friend’s baby who will be 1 in July. As it progresses, I will post more pictures!

baby boy blanketThis is a pattern I’ve posted before in a pink and purple variegated mercerized heavy worsted yarn manufactured by Plymouth Yarn. This is one quarter of the blanket knitted in contrasting colors. I wanted to try the middle section in white to make the lace stitches stand out and be an eye-catcher. The second triangle has been a little tricky because of the color change, so much so, I had to unravel the entire white section, and now need to re-knit it. It requires much concentration so I can only work on it at certain times. It is definately worth being patient; it is lovely when finished (see my previous one on this blog).

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