Refreshing Throw

A friend is getting married in December and I have teamed up with another friend to work on an afghan by this name. It is designed by Marianne Forrestal. The afghan is made up of squares with embedded flowers and is done in pastels. Right now I am making a swatch to determine if it will be interesting and quick. On round 4, it seems to be circle with added FPdc inserted and a square shape by way of increasing in every other dc. Ah, yes, it’s taking shape now–a square it shall be! Rnd 5 presents me with a FPdc dec–which is a new stitch to me–and it finishes the flower. So far there is a lot of nice texture and visual interest. It’s beautiful! Rnd 6 is a filet border, skipping every other stitch making an openwork lace pattern. The final row is unclimactic as it is just an edging of dc around the square. Analysis of the square results in a pattern I think I can repeat many times and still enjoy the adventure of creating it.

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