Lighthouse Wedding Afghan

Lighthouse Wedding Afghan

When I discovered this treasure, I knew I had to make it. The technique (filet crochet) is a favorite of mine and ususally fairly quick. I fell in love with this design because I love lighthouses, but also because of the message “The LORD is my light and my salvation.” It is rare to find such designs published, so I wanted to take advantage of the timing and purchase the “kit.” A friend of ours is getting married and I knew it would be a perfect wedding gift. The color chosen is a yellow brown (wheat) which punctuates the picture nicely, and the yarn is actually a Mary Maxim acrylic yarn which is very soft and drapey–it was a pleasure to work with. I used an “H” hook instead of the hook recommended and it took 22 hours to complete. The finished size is 45 1/2 X 61 inches.

Creating the afghan was a bit challenging due to the intricate detail. It took much concentration and focus to the pattern and how and where things lined up. As I came to the lighthouse though, it was better, although with the words I had to make sure to line them up and position them correctly. It was definately a project that was worth accomplishing!

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5 Responses to Lighthouse Wedding Afghan

  1. Evelyn Mcbride says:

    Any idea where I can obtain/buy the pattern?

  2. Where can I find this pattern? Please and thank you!

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