Patriotism and Cardigans

The month of May has arrived like a cougar and has not quite finished yet…the same is true with my projects. Since it has been beautiful outdoors and warmer weather is creeping upon us, I am inspired to make lightweight skirts and cardigans. Since there was a sale at the yarn store, I decided I would use the yarn to make the cardigan I wanted to make for years. The picture shows it not quite finished, as sleeves need to be added.This is a design by Doris Chan and I’ve always liked her designs due to the lace stitches she uses and also her pieces are stitched in one piece and they are very quick. So far, I’ve only invested 3 nights into this cardigan, and the sleeves will probably take two more nights. Eventhough Chan recommended a mercerized medium weight cotton, I chose to use a medium weight bamboo blend which I’m hoping will be warm over a sleeveless dress.


Another project I have been inspired to start is a patriotic afghan with a favorite stitch of mine. I have always wanted to do a patriotic project but the timing was always too late. This year I have started early on my endeavor so it will be done by July 4th. The color combination of red, white and blue are pleasing to my eye and I enjoy the “pop” of the colors. The stitch that is being used is a (knit) slip stitch technique that allows the colorwork to appear much more complicated than it is and it makes the colors “pop”. This is an afghan I am very excited to create and I feel like Jesus is encouraging me to continue to work on it. Although I am enjoying it immensely, right now there is no receipient, and that is strange for me because I usually make afghans with people in mind.The width of the afghan is approxiamately 42 inches and right now the length measures 6 inches. It seems small but I did this section in one day (I’m very motivated). The blue and red yarn is wool and the white is acrylic with a sparkle to it. It will be a fun project! It’s pretty, don’t ya think? Cheerio my good mates!

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