The Tiny Treasure Bed Quilt

When there was an announcement that there would be a new baby joining our clan, I  was ecstatic. I started planning a blanket right away. I knew I wanted to make an antique-looking variety that wasn’t too challenging but fun to make. There was one pattern of which I had already made a swatch (sample) and I enjoyed it immensely, so  I knew I could make it again. Then I had the challenge of color-at that point, I did not know if the baby was a boy or girl-and I needed a color that would make the pattern pop. I decided to go with a sunshine yellow in a 100% heavy-weight mercerized cotton Fantasy Naturale. It is a smooth crisp sturdy cotton that can give warmth and comfort when used for a blanket. I finished the first triangle right away but then other projects beckoned. When I heard the ultrasound was near, I decided to wait to see if the baby was a boy or girl. The precious baby inside, we found out, is a little girl! Since this is the 1st girl for the couple, I wanted to change the color of the blanket. I went to the local yarn store and the pink they had was a varigated pink and purple yarn. Perfect! So I started the afghan again. As the triangles were forming into my hands, the pattern became more beautiful and radiant. As I sewed the 4 triangles together, a masterpiece was borne.

This is my interpretation of this lovely pattern (found in “Knitting Traditions” by Interweave Press):

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