Diamonds and Squares Baby Afghan

This baby afghan is a diamond and square pattern, being knitted with purl stitches to raise the shapes and give them texture. The light blue highlights the diamonds and the dark blue stripe holds the squares. At this point the afghan measures 11 inches after 5 days.

At this point the afghan measures 13 inches after day 6. The second stripe is done and now it’s on to the third stripe! There was one mishap along the way: when changing colors in knitting, there is a bar that shows in the contrast color; that bar showed up on the incorrect side after I had knitted 3 rows. I had to painstakingly rip out the knitting and carefully place all 137 loops correctly on the needles again (it took about a half hour). Thankfully, I could move on after that episode! 

This is the afghan after day 10. The 3rd row is finished and the 4th is started. There will be 5 rows total so it is over half-way done. The measurement of the blanket is 16 1/2 inches and the total finished measurement will be 30×30 with size 8 needles and a worsted weight yarn. The light blue yarn is worsted but the dark blue is a sport weight yarn which will probably affect the finished measurements slightly.

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