Prayer Shawl

I purchased the “Crocheted Prayer Shawl Campanion” book not only because I liked the patterns, but because it has inspirational stories and prayers in it.  As I was speaking with a friend who is having complications with her pregnancy, this ministry came to mind– I could show her how the love of Jesus comforts and heals by not only making an afghan, but by praying while it is being stitched. I actually started the baby blanket last night and the pattern is already showing through the soft, sky blue Bernat satin yarn The pattern I chose was a pattern I had wanted to try for a long while-something small enough for a newborn and interesting to stitch but not so complicated that it made my head hurt. After praying about it, I came across a simple knitted pattern with blocks and diamonds and it was 30×30 inches on size 8 needles; it comes from Creative Knitting magazine

As it becomes bigger, I will post pictures of the progress.

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One Response to Prayer Shawl

  1. Mama says:

    Hi sweetie! You have been busy blogging! Besutiful work as usual!
    Sorry we missed tou today, but I do appreciate the artwork that you left in
    The door!
    Give me a call and we’ll try to do lunch sometime next weekend

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