Elegant Vest and Music Tote Complete

After 3 weeks, the music tote is done. The pattern was very interesting and shows much texture and simple enough for a beginning knitter (just knit and purl stitches), but the music staff and notes were more of a challenge. It is an intermediate technique called intarsia, and because there was much space between the black areas, I had to use yarn bobbins to keep the yarn from tangling with each other. At one point, I was using 3 separate black yarn bobbins and 1 for the background color! That section was done meticulously, so I spent 1 night for each section between the vertical black lines.

I chose to use purchased handles for a great support and ones that were long enough to use it as a shoulder bag if desired. The design is an original by Nadya Stallings and I thank her for the lovely gift I was able to make for my friend’s birthday.

The Elegant Vest is also a gift and designed by Shannon Bowlsby. Originally, the pattern called for the use of two colors and for them to be alternated every round. I chose to use just one color in a cotton that has a lot of drape. Cotton is usually known for its inelasticity, but this type of brand I found previously to be very drapey. This design is brillantly done as a circle; I didn’t need to add a collar or the ruffle at the bottom, and the shape lends itself to any body shape or form. I love this design and I would make myself one but it did take a while to make it.

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