Projects in the Works

As summer approaches in full-swing, I am inspired by the beauty around me. I am excited to wear crocheted lacy garments and make purses, earings, necklaces, everything that reminds me of summer. Right now, I have 3 projects in the making:

This vest is being made with a medium weight cotton which gives this vest a nice drape. The construction is interesting because it’s created in a circle rather than the traditional rectangle. With this shape, there is a collar already “built-in” with no added fuss. Eventhough I love the design, there is one drawback–it’s taking a lot of time to complete.

The next project will be a music tote for my friend. It is a knitted design that is interesting and simple at the same time. I wanted to play with some different shades of off-white, so the bottom band is a gray and white yarn and above that band I used a flecked aran and a white which gives the pattern a nice definition.

After visiting my local yarn store and finding some beautiful cotton and rayon yarn that just screams drape, I knew I had to make something very special with it. I thought a shrug would be a beautiful way to show off this fabulous yarn. I rummaged through all my patterns to find just the right one. Finally, I came upon my Japanese pattern books I had bought last year, and there it was…the perfect shrug. It was beautiful, it was delicate and light and feminine, and it looked like it would be very quick. Of course, I started it right away to see how the yarn felt between my fingers. This is the result after an hour.

I have also made two pairs of earrings this weekend and made a crocheted fish. Oh! The magnificence of summer!

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