Aqua T

This is the project I have been working on after I finished the two afghans. I decided I would try something different, so I chose a garment that would be very quick and fun to make. This is a design by Doris Chan called “Runaround Tee” in her book “Everyday Crochet”. I made it with mercerized cotton because I love the ‘crispness’ and wonderful stitch definition of this particular yarn, and it drapes nicely without losing shape. I completed it in about 6-8 hours with a “I” hook.

A pal and I went to Knit Michigan which was a (small) yarn convention in Bloomfield Hills and it is where I bought this amazing yarn at an outstanding price. I have more of this yarn so I plan to make more garments from the above stated book.

I am also working on a knitted afghan on size 17 needles with two strands of bulky yarn. One is fleece and one is fluffy. I will include a picture tomorrow.

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