The Lovely Lavender Lace Afghan

Here is the beauty before it travelled to Japan. I finished it Monday with a lacy scalloped edging that made it about 2 inches bigger, for a total length of 34 inches and 62 inches wide. The edging is done in an airy, delicate pattern and is “doily-like”. The last scalloped edge was done in a darker purple to accent the purple in the middle.

It was a pleasure to make and it is very warm. I enjoyed the journey to make it because I was able be an encouragement and blessing in a tangible and loving way. It also helped me to be comforted because I could give something special and heartfelt to her. She is a very precious and sweet lady and I was honored and priveledged to create this small token for her.

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2 Responses to The Lovely Lavender Lace Afghan

  1. Emily Carter says:

    This is gorgeous! You have amazing skill and talent!

  2. lalflen says:

    It is a beautiful afghan. Very nice work!!

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