Happy Birthday


This is my first anniversary with this blog! It has been such a pleasure to learn and to grow within this context and I hope to offer more inspiring and motivational comments on crochet and life as I am blessed with another year! A new year offers so much hope and promise that the trials of the previous year are behind us and we look forward to more adventures as we plan for spring and summer to come. Another beginning, or a “fresh start” is something we all anticipate and our yearly goals and committments seem exciting and do-able as we start with a clean slate.

Lovely Lavender

As the new year began, we were startled at the news that my dear mother in law is very ill. Of course, this was unexpected, and surprised and saddened us. In order to bring some peace and emotional healing to the family, I have decided to make an afghan called “Lavender Lace”. This will be a journey of healing in which I will share her progress and mine as I make each and every stitch. In Isaiah 40:11, it says that the LORD will carry His people in His mighty arms and hold them close to His breast. I believe He will carry us through this and He will bring healing to her.

Reflecting upon the situation, I knew the color, texture, and pattern of the afghan had to be special. The pattern was easy: it is a pineapple design that is envelopped in a solid fabric. Perfect! A little feminine lace but warm too. The color of yarn was next. This was difficult because she would like any color. I wanted to “spoil” her with a feminine color that maybe she wouldn’t normally decorate with-lavender. Texture was the next challenge. I bought a sport weight yarn, but I wanted it to be warm and somewhat heavy so she could cuddle with it. I chose a beautiful lavender mohair that gives it supreme warmth and a “halo” of luxury. Perfect!

After Day 1, it is 5 inches and approximately 55 inches long. I am using a “K” hook and two strands of yarn held together. It is beautiful so far. I know she will love it!

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