Coral Reef

This afghan is a sampler afghan in which several techniques are used in different tints and tones of pink and white. There are 24 blocks and 6 of them are knitted. I wanted to experiment with some different knitting techniques that were done in two colors and I liked that that technique so much that I made 3 squares with it. I made a cable square that I had always wanted to try, a basketweave (which is a more simple technique) and one with 3 different colors. That one turned out beautifully but the yarn always tangled! Several of the crocheted blocks are in filet because I love lace and it’s quick! There are two cabled squares which I love to do and 2 “pressed petals” which are quick and fantastic to look at. I had much fun creating this unique piece and for me, it’s an heirloom of a season in my life.

Since finishing these squares, I have boldly adventured into improving my knitting technique and experimenting with different styles. Crochet is still my favorite because I’m much quicker with it and right now, can make pretty much anything with it, but knitting is more intriguing to me now. I have even made a hat with the technique I spoke about above, which I may offer as a free pattern in the future. Happy adventuring!

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