Christmas Blessings

I have been so blessed this month by having an opportunity to sing Christmas carols with my kids, teaching the kids at church about Jesus’s birth, and preparing for a drama performance which tells about Jesus’s birth from a “Jewish” perspective. The “reason for the season” has been very forefront in my mind and heart. This “old, old story” is the reason of hope and promise to the world. I am always humbled when I read of the wise men bringing gifts to the King of kings and how they did bow down and worship Him. They made such a sacrifice by travelling such a long distance to give gifts to Him! Wow! I also have been very blessed by listening to Handel’s Messiah (over and over in the car). This whole cantada is sung from Scriptures and it is still very popular today! It helps me refocus on what is really important, and that is praising and honoring God with my life. May you have peace as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, Lord and Saviour, who came to give all people hope and promise! Merry Christmas!

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