Watermelon Blankie

This was a project I knew I had to do. It was a unique and adorable. It was one of those projects that I couldn’t wait to do and the anticipation was agonizing. I realized I could make it for a toddler and she could play  “princess” with it or “dress up”. I decided to make one for my neighboor’s little girl. I picked some yarn out of my stash that would realistically resemble the fruit and set out to work. The original pattern called for the seeds to be done with yarn after the blanket was done. I thought it would be more realistic if I used oval shaped beads. Those beads I placed in a random manner all over the blanket. The hat also required “yarn seeds”, but I decided, for comfort, not to add beads. Instead, I created a pom-pom on the top. This project was so enjoyable, I made one for my daughter as well!

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