Journeying for Yarn

Crochet is a very therapeutic activity. The pattern repeats are ideal so the crocheter can let the fingers take over and meditate on the excitement of the day. It can also be a time of prayer for the recipient and blessing them in that way. As I hold the yarn through my fingers, I feel the texture and the smoothness (or not so smooth) as I stitch. This, for me, can mean the difference of enjoying the project immensely or just trying to finish it. The perfect yarn for me is one that has a nice smooth surface so I can quickly and efficiently stitch with it. I also like yarns that have a bit of ply to it so the overall effect is sturdy; with this said, I also look for a nice drape characteristic in the yarn, although elastic is not my cup of tea.

I enjoy visiting the yarn shops to feel the textures of the new yarns and imagine how that could be used in a special project. Because I want to support the local yarn shops, I usually seek a special yarn (or kit if available) to help me remember that special moment or day. There is always so much to touch and experience that I am most often extremely satisfied visiting. If I can, I will return and show off my finished projects.

Walking with Jesus Christ is a journey, and like the yarn I seek, there are many truths I seek in His word, the Holy Bible. Seeking those truths,  like searching for treasure, is an adventure as well. I enjoy learning about the history of the time and the cultural aspects that help me to understand the context better. I enjoy going to the Holy Bible and touching and reliving the times and the characters. It is very therapeutic for me to dive into the word of God and be refreshed when done. It is quite satisfactory!

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